Accused of a crime?

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There may come a time we require advice on what to do following an unfortunate arrest. The most important first thing to do is consult with a skilled criminal law attorney.

With experience and knowledge, let Sturm Law fight for you.

Clean your record

Record cleaning. Expungement. Reduction Felony to Misdemeanor. Seal records.

If you have been convicted of a crime in the past, it is possible that you may be able to dismiss conviction. Your past does not have to define who you are today.  Looking for a brighter future? Let a criminal law attorney help you clean your record.

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Trial Attorney Craig Sturm

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Criminal defense attorney Craig M. Sturm, of the legal firm Sturm Law, is a top trial lawyer who has successfully handled more than 2,000 cases for individuals accused of serious crimes. Sturm has a reputation as a highly skilled Hollywood certified lawyer who goes to court and wins cases.

LA Criminal Defense

It is important that defendants choose a certified professional to deal with any type of crime or conviction. Craig Sturm is a top criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles who specializes in multiple fields.

 Whatever the crime or conviction, it is of upmost importance to consult with a certified professional. 

Protect Your Rights

The importance of hiring a skilled attorney after an arrest is not something that is superfluous or blown out of proportion; indeed, if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate position it’s important to note that fines pile up and the repercussions of conviction may follow you for a decade. 

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