Helping Repair Your Life after domestic violence

Domestic violence crimes are associated with violence toward family members, typically a spouse or child. Domestic violence is one of the most common crimes in the Los Angeles area, you are not alone.

Increasing domestic violence

Penalties for domestic violence continue to increase. Society's views toward these types of crimes have become much more stringent in recent decades. This has led to drastic repercussions for many people who are charged or convicted.

Serious consequences

A domestic violence conviction can carry serious consequences. Jail time, fines, a restraining order and loss of employment opportunities are all common results. Domestic violence also carries a significant social stigma of the worst degree.

Protect your rights

Do not let a misunderstanding forever taint your future.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, it is crucial that you hire a high-powered attorney to protect your rights. There are always at least two sides of the story in these situations. We are here to effectively communicate yours.

Top trial lawyer

Sturm Law has Los Angeles top trial lawyer Craig Sturm. Hiring us will help enhance your chances of avoiding a conviction. We can help repair your life. Contact us today by filling out a free consultation form and begin the process of mounting the legal defense that you need.