fire arms

Illegally possessing, using, or transporting a firearm is a very serious charge.

Are You Facing Firearms Charges?

You may have broken the law without even knowing it.

Los Angeles has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. There are mandatory tests, background checks and cooling off periods just to purchase a firearm. The county also has several restrictions on the use and transportation of firearms. Receiving a concealed weapons permit is almost impossible. It's not that difficult for the law-abiding citizen to be on the other side of the law when it comes to guns in Los Angeles, and the consequences can be harsh. Even a first-time offender could be convicted of a felony.

Misdemeanor convictions carry a maximum sentence of one year in county jail, fines, and up to five years of probation. Felony convictions carry state prison time. Your charges and penalties will depend on your criminal record, personal circumstances, and nature of the crime.

A skilled and well trained attorney makes all the difference in any charge, especially those involving firearms in the state of California.  There are many “enhancements” that can be added onto a firearm charge. 

What is a gun enhancement?

An enhancement  “enhances” your charges and sentencing. If you have been convicted of gun charges, you must  serve the sentence imposed for the felony gun charge, AND also serve the sentence imposed with the enhancement.

10-20-life use a gun and you’re done

California is one of the strictest in the nation when it comes to this particular law CA Penal Code § 12022.53 (2017). 

Gang Enhancement

The California gang enhancement Penal Code Section 186.22 (a) makes it a crime to actively participate in a gang.

Felony gun charges convictions

If you are convicted of any Felony gun charges you lose your right to own, possess, or acquire a firearms, in some cases your privilege to own a gun may be will be revoked for life. 

There are also certain Misdemeanor firearm offenses that will impose the same restriction such as:

  • Assault with a firearm
  • Shooting at an inhabited dwelling
  • Brandishing a weapon