Prove Your Innocence with Sturm Law and the right lawyer

Beginning his practices as a public defender, attorney Craig M Sturm has gained valuable  experience as a criminal defense lawyer and the ability to represent a myriad of DUI cases over a five-year career in which he made strong connections throughout the LA county court system.

Own private practice

After working as a public defender lawyer , he went on to manage a successful criminal defense firm, the largest in the state of California. There, as a senior trial attorney, he gained further expertise in a large firm before opening his own private practice.

Vast experience

Since 2009 criminal defense lawyer has applied his vast experience towards successfully defending DUI suspects, their driving privileges and their driving record. Attorney Sturm's passion for DUI defense is so deep that he continues to educate himself by attending training seminars geared towards combating the government’s endless supply of scientific evidence.

DUI Instructor

Criminal defense attorney Craig M. Sturm has been trained in field sobriety tests, advanced roadside impaired driving enforcement, mastering scientific evidence and he not only owns multiple Breathalyzers, but is also an instructor of the DataMaster DMT. 

Best lawyer on your side

Better equipped than any lawyer in the industry, attorney Craig M. Sturm has seen it all in criminal defense . With both LA County and large law-firm experience, there is no better suited lawyer to have on your side. Call in or sign up for a free consultation and take the first steps towards proving your innocence.


Get an honest opinion

Criminal defense lawyer Craig M. Sturm will listen to your testimonial and will give you an honest opinion about the possible success rate of your situation. He truly cares about his clients and their future. Gain the knowledge of a large-firm attorney with the services and empathy of a private practitioner, contact Sturm Law today.