Sealing Records

When an individual has been convicted of a crime in California, it does not mean that the charge will have to stay on their record. Some convictions are able to be sealed or modified or even expunged so that your record is not as transparent. The process seals your record so that employers or other companies looking up your past record for any reason would not be able to see the arrest and conviction. To have a charge expunged means that the conviction is eliminated like it never happened.

By cooperating with the Superior Court of California, some procedures can be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor with a relatively simple process. Sealing records is not available for every charge, and the military, other states and the federal government may offer different procedures than California.

Juvenile arrests and convictions do not appear on adult records. At age 18, the owner of the record can have their juvenile records sealed, and no employment company, financial institution or any company can gain access to them. Five years from the date that they were sealed, they are completely destroyed, which guarantees their past has been put behind them, and they get a second chance at life.

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