Sex Crimes

The number of sex crimes in the U.S. is alarming and on the rise. There are a large variety of crimes that fall into this category, which include incest, indecent exposure, Date Rape, Acquaintance  rape, unlawful sexual penetration, child pornography, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & Battery, Lewd Acts, Pimping and Sodomy.

Date Rape And Acquaintance Rape In The Online Dating Era

As you are deciding how to proceed with your case, it is important to realize the consequences of the crime. The penalties would be different for each case. Someone convicted of a Domestic Violence charge, a misdemeanor or felony, would have fines up to $6,000, jail time up to 4 years maximum and 52 weeks of domestic violence classes. If this was a second offense within seven years, penalties are more severe. Domestic Violence is one of the sex crimes that will not require sex registration for life, but many of the crimes do. 

It is imperative that you know your rights granted by the state of California. Sometimes there are two sides to the story that law enforcement has not considered. As the victim of a sex crime, you may feel that a state attorney is not sufficiently aggressive enough to represent your case in court. If you have been involved with one of these terrible crimes, the best action to take is to contact the skilled criminal defense attorney at Team Innocent by filling out a free consultation form.