Vehicular Manslaughter

The charge of vehicular manslaughter can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the details. The alcohol level for a DUI driver charged with vehicular manslaughter is measured by the Blood Alcohol Count or BAC and the legal limit is .08. The officer tests the driver at the accident or a blood test is taken at the Emergency Room to determine if the accident was caused by a DUI driver.

The penalties in California for a DUI vehicular manslaughter conviction are as follows, but can be worse depending on the BAC.

• Probation up to 3 years
• Up to one year in county jail
• Standard $390 fine
• DUI school
• Six month to three year driving suspension
• Installation of ignition device
• Financial repercussions with insurance

• Up to three years in prison
• Four year driving suspension
• Designated as a habitual offender
• Probation
• Financial repercussions with insurance

There are many issues to consider in a vehicular manslaughter charge, so contact an experienced DUI criminal defense attorney to discuss the details of the accident and learn your rights.  Begin by filling out a consultation form to streamline the process of your criminal defense and receive free information on your specific case.